Retro, not a new thing. This has been a fashion that has been on for years, but is stronger at serton time in this retro fashion  and place in the US. The 90’s all the way to the 5o’s. I like this fashion. But I feel that people take it to far. Some people look like they got in a time machine and came to this time, well except for their hair. I detest the women that do this, reason: NO ORIGIONALITY. Originality is some thing I’m very passionet about. And origionelity is something that to me means change what you want. Mix and match. Never be a clone, and have fun with clothing don’t be stiff with your fashion. Change is GOOD!

And for me I love retro. I’m more into the 80’s but 90’s down to the 60’s is cool with me. If I could I would have a lot more retro then I have now. Unfortunately at this time I do not have a job and am relying on my moms money. She loves to control what I ware. Well… Sort of. Soon I’ll be out and paying for my own stuff. Can’t wait so I can finally get some cloths I’m completely comfortable with. Retro though, will not be my main clothing.

Love you all, love fashion more then most people ❤ and bye fore now. Happy shopping and reading!


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